21 Whys for Your Why



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Happy Birthday, Nicomaine!

I know this post will be amongst the sea of messages drifting in the social-media-verse. But it would still be worth a shot to give you something that I am sure a few have already did. On your 21st this 3/3, you have accomplished a few things in life us 30 somethings may have just dreamed of. Perhaps gifts have already been overflowing from showers of love to a few material things you have wished for. Mine is quite simple of a gift – the gift of knowing why.

I have come across a few posts or instances in KS that you sometimes ask “why me?” and to the best of my ability let me tell you 21 ways why.

1. You are a butterfly: You have blossomed into someone quite unique. Like a butterfly every aspect of what you do is mesmerizing to many. Perhaps you are still coming out of that cocoon and you are still out to surprise us even more of what you can do.

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Rest Well Now, Papa.



I never really knew much about you, I only know of you. I could count in my hands the very several encounters where it truly left a mark in my heart and memories – where they left their scars.

Yesterday was just like a normal hectic day for me, meetings and work errands. Then I got a call from Mama at around 2pm telling me that you have passed in the morning. I have to be honest, I did not know how to react. I knew one of these days we will receive this kind of news. We have been receiving several messages from relatives that you fell ill and you were not doing so well.

My siblings told me that it breaks their hearts to know of this, honestly I did not know how to answer to that.

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Dear You…

note: not my artwork (ctto)
note: not my artwork (ctto)

Dear you who questions…

if you are capable

if you are special

if you are enough

if you are loved

if you are pretty or handsome

if you are appreciated

if you are understood


Dear you who…

sinks to the deepest darkest places

shuts down human connections, interactions

hides their true emotions behind the mask of apathy

keeps it all to themselves

is at the brink of letting go


Dear you who is…

not contented with what you’re given

happy seeing other people suffer

trying to get everything and not leaving any to many

always thinking of themselves

speaking less kindness and more hate


Dear you who is reading this…

we have been those at some points of our lives

we have ridiculed and been ridiculed

we have been judged and have judged

we have been selfish and selfless

we have questioned

we have feared

we have cried

we tried giving up so many times

we have gone to some deepest alleys in our lives


10.26.2015 | (c) Anne Milla